Pre-Orders For ‘Rock Band VR’ Are Now Live

Reserve your copy and live the life of a rock star March 23rd.

Rock Band was destined for virtual reality. The infamous superstar simulator has always done an amazing job of making players feel like actual rock stars, but combined with VR, the popular title enters a whole new realm of realism. So start squeezing yourself into some leather pants and get ready to mosh as pre-orders for Rock Band VR have officially begun.

Available March 23rd exclusively for the Oculus Rift, Rock Band VR allows you to step into the shoes of a rock icon and experience the rush of performing on stage for sold-out crowds. Rock Band VR ups the ante even further, delivering a new level of immersion as you interact with bandmates while performing, teleport to different positions around the stage and even experiment with custom sounds, such as using your guitar to bang on the drummers high-hats. You can even experience a ‘rags-to-riches’ interactive story via the brand new career mode. The Rock Band VR title will also take advantage of the Rift’s 3D audio technology, delivering highly-accurate mixes depending on what instrument you’re near or where you’re standing on stage.


rock-band-vr“Rift’s integrated audio does a phenomenal job of spatializing the sounds around you for a legit onstage experience,” says Lead Composer/Sound Designer Steve Pardo. “If you teleport around the stage, the mix shifts to accommodate your new position—it’s an amazing illusion. It really feels like you’re there, with the crowd in front of you, the drums behind you, and your amp cranked to 11.”

Unique button combinations and an effects pedal operated via the controllers whammy bar allows users to craft original sounds and shred sick axe solos in real-time. You can pre-order the Stratocaster guitar controller for Xbox One or PS4 bundled with the game for $69.99.

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