‘POW POW: Dye It Up!’ Is A Family-Friendly VR Battle Royale Game

Battle it out in competitive paintball matches set throughout a sprawling college campus.

Over the past year, popular multiplayer games such as Population: One and Rec Room’s ‘Rec Royale’ game mode have proven that the battle royale genre is a perfect fit for VR headsets. For those unfamiliar, battle royale is a multiplayer game genre in which multiple teams go head-to-head in a “last man standing” competition. More often than not these battles take place throughout large outdoor battlefields.

POW POW: Dye it up!, a new multiplayer VR game from Polish developer PunkPirates (Escape Room VR: Stories), offers a refreshing change of pace from existing battle royale experiences by having players compete throughout a sprawling college campus that bears a striking resemblance to a certain fictional community college with a long history of paintball shenanigans. Coming soon to SteamVR headsets, this colorful PvP shooter promises a battle royale experience perfect for the whole family.

Instead of using real firearms, you’ll duke it out using a variety of paint-based weaponry, from pistols and machine guns to shotguns, grenades, and miniguns. You can even use a pillow for close-quarters combat. As you explore the campus environment, you’ll discover new locations, from classrooms and hallways to gymnasiums and even a pillow fort. Okay, now I’m sure this is Greendale Community College

The game will feature four game modes at launch. In addition to Battle Royale, there’s Splashfight (classic free-for-all), Pillow Fight, and a poorly-named game mode called Capture the Panties. Players will have the ability to customize their avatars with a variety of outrageous-looking skins, my favorite being the inflatable “riding a dinosaur” costume.

Looking at the developer’s website, it appears as though the project started as a Community fan project. Beginning in 2009, the popular television sitcom developed a cult following thanks to its pop culture references and self-referential humor. Each of the six seasons (with the exception of season five ) featured at least one paintball-themed episode.

POW POW: Dye it up! launches later this year in SteamVR Early Access. No word yet on an official price.

Feature Image Credit: PubnkPirates

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