Popular Co-op Game Spaceteam Heading To Oculus Quest & PC VR This Month

In space, everyone can hear you scream.

Spaceteam, the super infectious mobile game in which players frantically perform a series of goofy tasks and shout out commands in order to keep their spaceship from blowing up, is coming to the Oculus Quest, PC VR, and PlayStationVR as a full VR experience called Spaceteam VR.

Later this month you and your team of space cadets (up to six players) will don VR headsets and step into a janky spaceship in need of constant repair. As you and your crew hurtle through outer space, you’ll need to work together in order to keep your ageing spaceship afloat as you encounter various intergalactic complications. This includes giant supernovas, deadly asteroids, space slime oozing out of the control panels causing circuits to short out, strange space aliens, and weird power surges.

To keep your ship running you must work with your crew and communicate effectively; this is easier said than done, however. Each crew member is responsible for a different part of the ship and given a specific set of instructions; the only problem is the information they receive is meant for a different console managed by another player. In order to properly manage each station, players will need to effectively communicate their instructions to one another, all while the ship collapses around them. So, as you are working on your own issues, your fellow crew members will be shouting at you to fix something on your side so they can fix something on theirs. As control panels start to fall apart all around you, complete chaos soon follows.

In real-life this type of scenario would totally suck. But as a VR game, it’s a pure joy to play. Where else can you yell out, “SET YOUR LASER PHOTOFILTER TO ZERO RIGHT NOW! DO IT!”? Think of it like an episode of Star Trek, only instead of commanding the technologically-advanced Enterprise alongside a seasoned space crew, your trying to drive a rusty van filled with a handful of screaming psychopaths.

Developers Cooperative Innovations licensed the popular multiplayer mobile game from creator Henry Smith of Sleeping Beast Games to convert it into a VR game. “It was an obvious choice for us, it’s a very funny cooperative multiplayer game and the reason we setup the business was to make the most of the social and collaborative nature of VR” said CEO and Co-Founder Simon Barratt in an official press release.

Barratt worked closely with Henry on adapting Spaceteam for the VR format. They wanted the game to be more than just yelling out instructions while keeping your own station in check. VR adds a whole new layer of physicality to the experience, allowing you and your crew members to flail your arms in order to ge each others attention or accidentaly smash consoles as you try to stop any slime from oozing through the knobs.

Watching your ship go down in flames with everyone in it looks hilarious and the addition of body language definitely adds more personality to the experience.

SpaceTeamVR lets you play with 6 other space cadets, whether they be friends, family, or strangers from across the globe. You can also play a solo round using the Spaceteam AI robots.

SpaceTeamVR will be available on Steam VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest on May 21st with a PlayStation VR version schedule to release later in the year. If you happen to get your hands on the game before the 21st, keep in mind that what you’re playing is still a beta.

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, Spaceteam VR could be an excellent way to socialize with friends and strangers while at home under lockdown. Just remember: in space, no one can hear you scream; unless of course you’re playing Spaceteam VR. It may, however, be a good idea to warn your neighbors that there will be some shouting coming from your place, but that it’s all good because you’re just saving your ship from an alien attack.

Image Credit: Cooperative Innovations

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