Popular Metal Band TesseracT Launches An Original VR Game

Unlock music from the band’s new album by completing a variety of strange puzzles.

The award-winning progressive metal band TesseracT this week released an original immersive experience for VR headsets entitled War of Being. Named after the group’s 2023 album, this single-player experience immerses you in a visual conceptualization of the group’s latest full-length record.

Available now on PC VR headsets via SteamVR, War of Being has you exploring an exotic location known as “The Strangeland.” Here you’ll find an assortment of strange landscapes inhabited by an equally-strange cast of characters.

The game features six surreal environments in total, each with its own unique details. As you navigate the in-game world, you’ll be tasked with solving various puzzles. Every time you complete a challenge you’ll unlock music from the new album. You can also discover massive obsidian monuments of each of the five band members to learn a little more about each musician.

War of Being is available now for $5.99 on PC VR headsets via SteamVR. Still on the fence about purchasing? Take a look at what others have to say about the progressive metal band’s otherworldly musical experience.

Credit: 4D Music Ltd

“You don’t mind getting Slenderman flashbacks while unlocking a new track from the best band of all time? This game is for you. Also, you can jump. Spam it, almost feels like bunnyhopping. 10/10,” –

“A wonderful experience, definitely brought me to tears at points. Quite possibly the best way I’ve seen a band debut a song. Definite recommend for any TesseracT fan or anyone who enjoys good world building,” – lelemur

“I’ve never been this close to crying in a video game. Atmospheric and beautiful. Must have for any TesseracT fan and a must have for any non-TesseracT fan :3,” – Guten Morgan

For more information about TesseracT’s War of Being VR experience visit The band also created an official Discord server for the game which you can join here.

Feature Image Credit: 4D Music Ltd

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