Pokémon Go Makes Its Way To HoloLens

This early demo lets you throw Poke Balls with the tap of your fingers.

Pokémon Go is on a major tear, quickly becoming one of the most viral mobile applications of all time and even topping Twitter’s daily users.

You can cruise over to any local park or waterway and expect to find groups of strangers with their heads down and phones out, all trying to catch the latest rare Pokemon. Although a simple form of augmented reality powered by your phone, there is no doubt that Pokémon Go has brought a version of AR to the masses.

Now thanks to a some creative developers over at CapitolaVR we may be able to get everyone’s favorite game off our phone and onto our head. These developers decided to hack together their own version of Pokémon Go on Microsoft’s HoloLens.

David Robustelli, head of Digital at CapitolaVR, uploaded the latest video to YouTube, showing a demo concept they created in Unity with the HoloLens SDK. The early version took about a day to build and shows Pokemon randomly generating around their office while the user puts out his hand and taps his fingers to throw Poke balls.


Simple and quick demo or not, its pretty exciting to see Pokémon Go in action on the wireless augmented reality headset. Robustelli says that they are hoping to develop additional interactive gestures that can open things like your inventory or bring up your map.

While the team over at CapitolaVR works on their version of Pokémon Go for HoloLens, there are actually others working on similar apps for the system as well. YouTube user Generalkidd shared the video below of him testing out some battle mechanics and gameplay with his developer HoloLens kits.

We’re looking forward to seeing what other developers dream up of in VR and AR with this latest game. If you’re working on any immersive Pokemon Go related projects, give us a shout!

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