Ditch the Tape Measure—This App Lets You Make Floor Plans in AR

Coming off of the heels of Apple’s iOS 11, PLNAR makes creating a floor plan easier (and more fun) with an iPhone.

Putting together a floor plan of your home or business is never as easy as you’d hope it would be. With—PLNAR, an app built using Apple’s ARKit and developed by the Austin-based company SmartPicture Technologies—that’s all about to change.

PLNAR is an app that promises to streamline the entire process of generating dimensions, room plans and material estimates by leveraging Augmented Reality to create and save floor plans for multiple projects using your iPhone (and soon your iPad).

When you use PLNAR, the first thing you’ll notice is that the app is incredibly simple to use with an intuitive interface. Simply mark each corner of the room using anchor points and then follow along the wall making sure you mark doorways and openings. After a few taps of your finger, you’re done. What you end up with is a detailed and accurate floor plan that includes total measurements of each wall, number of walls, doors, as well as notes on the room—along with information on when and where the document was created.

Each floor plan is then saved as a PDF that can be easily shared by email or text with your contractor, home improvement store or anyone you’d like.

Andy Greff, CEO of SmartPicture Technologies, explained that PLNAR was built for those interested in DIY home renovation, but its benefits extend to many different types of user.

“PLNAR is a tool designed with the ‘DIYers’ in mind, but both the DIYer and the professional would benefit from the results,” Greff said in an interview with VRScout. “The DIYer can easily measure a room using PLNAR in just a few minutes and then send over the files to the contractor or the home improvement retailer. The professional would then look at the file created by PLNAR and instantly know how much materials will be needed to complete a project.”

Greff actually used PLNAR recently—to assist his parents after their house saw some damage due to Hurricane Harvey.

“I had my parents use the app to take measurements of their damaged home and then send me the files,” Greff said. “From there I was able assist them with repairs, even though I was many miles away.”

The app is not limited to floor plans. It can be used to measure any flat surface, such as counter tops, patios or maybe you’re organizing a party and need to figure out how to lay out the tables.

Users should expect to see an update in the near future that enables users to measure vertical objects such as windows, artwork, or picture frames. And PLNAR is not limited to construction and home improvement. Currently insurance claims adjusters are using the app for insurance claims because of the quick data, and it’s also peaked the interest of folks who do work on crime-scene investigations.

“AR is very powerful tool that can bridge the gap by providing instant results,” Greff said. “And the construction industry will be one of the key beneficiaries of the technology.”

PLNAR is available now as a free download in the Apple App Store. It requires iOS 11 running on an iPhone 6S or higher.

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