PlayStation’s Dreams VR Expansion Lets You Create & Share PS VR Games

Create your own interactive games and environments, no prior experience required.

Originally released this past February on the Playstation 4, Media Molecule’s (LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway) Dreams is a unique game creation system designed specifically for the PS4 which allows players to build and collaborate with others on their own interactive games and environments and then share them with the community at-large.

In the five months since launch, Dreams players have established an absolutely jaw-dropping catalog of user-created content, from carefully-crafted remakes of classic games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario 64, and Deadspace to original experiences like Shifting Islands and The Eternity House; my personal favorite being a beautifully animated video game adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

During today’s DreamsCom showcase, an in-game expo dedicated to community-led projects developed on the Dreams platform, the company announced the games’ next big update which will introduce official support for PlayStation VR, allowing players to build and collaborate with others on interactive VR games and worlds.

Arriving July 22nd as a free update to all Dreams players, the “Dreams VR Expansion” will include new VR tutorials, kits, and Media Molecule content in which to explore. Before you get started, however, the team recommends you take some time to familiarize yourself with these new VR-specific features. The “All Aboard VR” introduction breaks down the controls of Dreams in VR, including how to explore the Dreamiverse as both a creator and player. “DreamShaping” takes it a step further, exposing you to a variety of tutorials for creating interactive VR content.

Once you’re feeling comfortable with the controls, you can then get started creating your own VR games and environments. Though Sony recommends using the PlayStation Move Controllers to sculpt your virtual worlds, you’re also free to use your Sony Dualshock 4 controller; you do not have to be in VR to create Dreams VR content, though it certainly helps.

While in “Creator Mode” you’ll have access to handful of new tools designed specifically for VR, including comfort mode, static sky, vignette strength control, and other useful modifiers.

Much like the original release of Dreams back in February, Media Molecule has included a selection of pre-built games and experiences to better show the potential of Dreams VR and inspire players to create their own unique offerings.

The Dreams VR Expansion arrives July 22nd on PlayStation VR. In order to access the update players will need to own the base, available for $39.99 via the PlayStation Store.

Image Credit: Sony PlayStation

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