Playing ‘Beat Saber’ From The Back Of A Dragon Is Pretty Cool

A new update turns TypeEh Studios’ DragonRide VR into a fast-paced VR rhythm game.

Originally released back in August 2020, developer TypeEh Studios’ relaxing VR dragon-riding experience, DragonRide VR, received a massive update this week introducing a brand new game mode inspired by VR rhythm games like Beat Saber and Supernatural.

Available now on SteamVR headsets, DragonRide VR is a fantasy-lovers dream, offering players the rare opportunity to grab the reigns and take control of a mythical beast as they soar throughout a diverse selection of visually stunning environments, from the gorgeous Dragon Valley to the volatile Volcano Islands, with more locations on the way. There you can participate in a variety of unique dragon-based activities.

You can enjoy a laidback non-interactive tour of each location in Dragon Ride mode, grab the reigns and pilot your beast in one of several Free Fly activities, take down targets using your dragons powerful fire breath in Target Shooting and Balloon Hunt, and discover hidden dragon eggs before time runs out in Egg Hunt.

This latest update, Rhythm Ride, introduces a new game mode to the mix, allowing you the chance to slice balloons to the beat of a classical soundtrack composed of 25 original songs with support for custom tracks. Similar to Beat Saber, each target must be sliced in a particular direction with the correct weapon; the bigger your combos, the more points you earn. In terms of comfort, Rhythm Ride features five different types of ride types. If you’re looking for a conventional VR rhythm game experience, you’ll probably like Smooth Straight, while those looking to mix things up may be interested in trying more unpredictable flight patterns, such as Wild.

Image Credit: TypeEh Studios

The gameplay is relatively straightforward. At the end of the day, you’re essentially playing a simplified version of Beat Saber, only instead of slicing colored bricks using a pair of neon lightsabers, you’re popping multicolored balloons from the back of a dragon using an assortment of medieval weaponry.

Is this one game mode worth the $9.99 price tag? Probably not. That being said the game has come a long way since its original launch thanks to a regular stream of free updates and game improvements. If you’re a fan of dragons or the medieval fantasy genre in general, DragonRide VR is definitely worth checking out.

Image Credit: TypeEh Studios

DragonRide VR is available now on SteamVR headsets for $9.99. According to the developers, an official PlayStation VR release is currently in development.

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Feature Image Credit: TypeEh Studios

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