Play Boggle With Friends in VR

The popular Hasbro game is now available in Oculus Rooms.

When the $200 standalone VR headset from Oculus was announced at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, it was clear that Facebook wanted to make the Oculus Go headset your next social entertainment device.

In addition to finally announcing a launch date for Oculus Go, Oculus also revealed an update to Oculus Rooms alongside a partnership with Hasbro that would bring everyone’s favorite board games into VR.

On top of the fully redesigned Oculus Rooms that comes with a customizable environment, more life-like avatars, and the ability to watch purchased and rented movies from the Oculus Store, Hasbro stepped in with the announcement that they would be bringing tabletop games like Boggle, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit to Oculus Go soon after launch.

That time has finally come — the first of the upcoming tabletop games, Boggle, is now available to play in Oculus Rooms on Oculus Go and Gear VR. All you have to do is make sure your Oculus Rooms app is up to date and you can hop in to challenge your family and friends in a new virtual take on everyone’s favorite word search game.

You can play with up to four friends, all while using your hand controller to select words before time runs out.

Trivial Pursuit on Oculus Go.

No word yet on when Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit will be arriving, but we’re looking forward to spending even more time with friends in Oculus’ social app.

In addition to the 1,000 apps, movies, games, and experiences announced launching with Oculus Go, the Facebook owned company also teased Oculus Venues, which lets you watch live concerts, sports, comedy events from around the world with friends. Oculus TV was also revealed, where you can sit in a 3D environment with a massive screen and socially watch video (TV) with a friend.

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