New Mod Lets You Play Beat Saber In Minecraft In VR

A new mod brings the hit title to life in Mojang’s survival crafting game.

Beat Games’ uber-popular VR rhythm slasher Beat Saber is heading to Minecraft thanks to a new mod from Reddit user u/Swifter1243.

In a video posted to Reddit earlier this week, u/Swifter1243 can be seen ripping through a section of “Haunted Bus” from directly within the block-like world. Built using a modified version of the existing Minecraft VR mod Vivecraft, users will supposedly be able to convert any Beat Saber song they’d like to Minecraft via a custom program.

“You can convert ANY beat saber map into this creation with a program I’m developing alongside this datapack/mod,” states u/Swifter1243 in response to his post. “The map, in particular, I’m using in this clip is a song called “Haunted Bus”, mapped by Atomosophere. You can find it on BeatSaver (yes, beat SAVER). I’ll be posting updates about this on my Twitter (@Swifter_1243). The rules don’t say anything about advertising other socials so I should be good to say that?”

Moving forward, u/Swifter1243 plans on expanding the mod with additional lighting elements, upgraded saber models, Chrome support, a custom color picker, and various other improvements. That being said I’d love the ability to perform tracks from within my own custom world. Imagine slicing your way through a few BTS tracks from atop a snow-covered mountain while surrounded by a flock of Phantoms. Now that’s what I call a proper venue.

No word yet on when you can expect to get our hands on this nifty mod, though u/Swifter1243 does promise a public release at some point in the future.

Until then, why not give standard Minecraft a shot in VR? Those who own a copy of the game on PC can download the Vivecraft mod 100% free-of-charge. This allows you to access any VR-supported worlds directly from your headset as well as interact with in-game environments, characters, and enemies via your motion controllers. If you happen to have a PC VR headset and a copy of Minecraft ready to go, I highly recommend checking this mod out. results are absolutely jaw-dropping.

Feature Image Credit: u/Swifter1243

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