Play A Puzzle-Solving Canine In VR Game HUMANITY

Guide humanity to safety in this “paw-some” VR action-platformer.

Available now on PC VR and PlayStation VR headsets, HUMANITY is a uniquely-crafted VR puzzle-action game that puts you in the shoes (paws?) of a supernatural Shiba Inu tasked with guiding hordes of people through a series of increasingly-elaborate stages, each of which features their own challenges to overcome.

In order to safely usher these massive crowds through each challenge, you’ll issue commands such as climb, float, jump, shoot, and turn. According to the official game page, we can expect a healthy combination of action, platforming, and puzzle-solving gameplay as you make your way through 90 story-mode stages. Along the way, you’ll unlock new skills and take on intimidating bosses in the process.

There’s even a built-in level editor, allowing you to craft your own complex stages and share them with other players online. You can also discover new stages created by other players. If you like what you see you can deliver a user rating so other players know what to expect.

“Immerse yourself like never before as you tower over the teeming, ant-like people! Step into the world of HUMANITY to get a better view of each puzzling challenge,” says the official website.

Credit: Enhance, tha ltd.

“Bring your ideas to life using the intuitive Stage Creator, be it a straightforward puzzle, action stage, or even an artful sculpture! Browse an ever-growing library of stages created by other players in User Stages and play, rate, and discover new types of puzzles in this limitless vault.”

HUMANITY is available now for $29.99 on PC VR, PlayStation VR, and PlayStation VR2 headsets. The game is also available to PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers for no additional fee. For more information check out the official website

Feature Image Credit: Enhance, tha ltd.

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