Pistol Whip’s Latest Free Update ‘The Heartbreak Trilogy’ Is Its Largest Yet

Cloudhead Games’ first-ever multi-scene pack adds three new tracks, water guns.

Pistol Whip’s latest free update, “The Heartbreaker Trilogy,” introduces new tracks, achievements, gun models and wraps, and modifiers designed to cleanse your pallet after a five-part season of adrenaline-pumping tracks.

Beginning today, players can dive into three all-new scenes featuring music from returning label Kannibalen Records as well as Seeking Blue:

  • Letting Go – EMBRZ (an upbeat shoot-em-up through a colorful pastel cityscape)
  • Embers – Dabin feat. Jill Harris (vibe out to some smooth vocals in this abstract scene)
  • Another Day – Dabin x Inukshuk feat. Nevve (an “explosive” and “joyous” end the Heartbreaker Trilogy)

Those looking for an additional challenge can up the difficulty with two new game modifiers: “Vengeance” and “Disorder.” Vengeance adds an additional layer of chaos to the mix by having enemies automatically fire their weapons each time you land a hit. Disorder changes-up the existing formula by randomly switching enemy body armor throughout each map. This forces even the most experienced players to remain on their toes as they’ll no longer have exact knowledge of enemy positions.

Each of these modifiers also raises the maximum high score possible, with Vengeance adding 10% and Disorder 5%. “Dual Wield” will also no longer have a negative impact on your score. High-level players can prove their skills by unlocking 23 new achievements.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper update without some fresh weapon skins and effects. In addition to an official “Heartbreaker” pistol skin and several futuristic synth sound effects, you can now customize your virtual piece with the new water gun collection, complete with a hilarious “squirt-filled” shooting effect.

Pistol Whip’s “The Heartbreaker Trilogy” update is available now on Oculus Quest Oculus Rift, and SteamVR with plans for an official PlayStation VR release in the near future.

Image Credit: Cloudhead Games

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