Pimax To Begin Shipping 8K & 5K+ Headsets At The End Of The Month

The first batch of high-end VR headsets will begin shipping to early Kickstarter backers as we begin to wrap up September.

With a 200-degree field-of-view, options for both 8K and 5K resolutions, and a plethora of upcoming add ons, such as custom knuckle motion controllers and a detachable audio head strap, Pimax’s high-end VR headsets are shaping up to be some of the most influential pieces of VR hardware to-date. Of course that’s only if the device is actually released, something early backers have joked about nervously these past grueling months.

Well, it appears as though these patient investors can finally blow a collective sigh of relief.

During an interview at a private event for Kickstarter backers in Berlin this past weekend, Pimax CEO, Robin Weng, confirmed that the first shipments for their 8K and 5K+ ultrawide headsets would begin shipping to early backers starting the end of the month. Speaking to Sebastian Ang, host of MRTV on YouTube, Weng goes on to clarify that backers who purchased the 5K version will instead be receiving the more advanced 5K+, which includes an improved 1440p display and higher pixel density than its 5K counterpart. Pimax will eventually offer the original 5K option after completing all of their remaining Kickstarter orders.

Weng goes on to claim there’s a “90% chance” that all preorders would be fulfilled by Christmas day.

In a rather obvious reveal, Pimax recently confirmed the NVIDIA’s GTX 1070 graphics card would not be capable of handling the Pimax 8K’s full, 200-degree field-of-view. In turn, Pimax updated its software to allow for a more narrow FOV, providing a more realistic option for PC’s that don’t meet the necessary qualifications. Of course with the recent announcement of NVIDIA’s next line of GeForce GPUs, we may very well be seeing the birth of mainstream 8K VR. 

Image Credit: Pimax

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