The Neo 3 Is Pico Interactive’s Newest Standalone VR Headset

The Pico Neo 3 will be available exclusively in Asia with an enterprise version heading to Western markets.

It’s always nice to have options when purchasing a certain type of product, and thanks to Pico Interactive, you’re about to have a new standalone VR headset to choose from; if you live somewhere in Asia that is. Pico’s Neo 3 6DoF headset comes with some pretty kickass specs that would appeal to any VR enthusiast. There’s also a noticeable resemblance to Facebook’s own all-in-one VR headset, the Oculus Quest, right down to the controllers.

The Neo 3 is powered via Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 Platform and uses WiFi 6. The headset utilizes four wide-angle cameras which should give you “true millimeter-level positioning and tracking,” according to Pico. The headset uses spatial localization based on SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) and controller tracking based on computer vision. Combine that with the 32 tracking sensors and 6DoF Quest-like controllers, and you have one hell of a standalone VR headset.

Image Credit: Pico Interactive

As for comfort, Pico’s newest flagship headset should allow for longer play sessions thanks to the updated curved screen and 90Hz refresh rate, which means any game or app – whether it’s training or educational – will feel smooth as butter. There are also three settings for physical IPD adjustment.

One thing to mention is that Pico’s newest VR headset will only be available for the Asian consumer market. However, the company has confirmed that an enterprise model of the Neo 3 will be sold in Western markets later this summer.

Earlier in the year, Pico announced that they had successfully raised $37.5 million from investors, which will be used to increase their business in Asian markets ands expand their presence in Western markets. 

In an official press release, Henry Zhou, CEO of Pico Interactive said, “These innovative product developments follow our B and B+ funding rounds earlier this year. From our new optical controller-tracking solution to complex environment position, the Neo 3 is building off of the Neo 2 to offer the latest technology to give users an amazing, immersive experience,” adding “Between the Pico Neo 3 headset’s state-of-the-art-technology and Pico’s new publishing division – Pico Studios – developers have the tools to get even more creative with the apps and games they create.”

Image Credit: Pico Interactive

It should be noted that Facebook and Oculus headsets are currently banned in China, which makes Pico’s Neo 3 VR headset all the more attractive to the Asian market.

There are already a number of available apps in the Pico App Store that you can download. It may not be as strong as the Oculus App store, but Pico has announced that they are boosting up their publishing efforts by working with VR creatives to bring their projects to the Pico App Store and create new experiences. 

At the moment, Pico has not announced any pricing for their new flagship Neo 3 VR headset. 

Feature Image Credit: Pico Interactive

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