Phantom: Covert Ops Launches This June On Oculus Quest & Rift

The long-awaited stealth kayak game receives a new launch date after months of uncertainty.

Originally scheduled for release last year on the Oculus Quest, nDreams’ stealth-based kayak shooter Phantom: Covert Ops is now set to launch this June on both the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift/Rift S.

Facebook made the announcement this morning as part of its ongoing Game Developers Showcase alongside a slew of other update and announcements. In addition to the long-awaited news regarding Phantom, we also learned the release dates for several highly-anticipated Oculus VR games.

March 26th will see the release of both Fireproof Games’ cryptic VR puzzler The Room VR: A Dark Matter (Quest) as well as Twisted Pixel’s cartoon shooter B-Team (Quest); followed by Drifter Entertainment’s recently-announced survival horror experience Lies Beneath (Quest) on March 31st. Phantom: Covert Ops (Quest, Rift/Rift S) will launch later that summer on June 25th.

Looking for something you can sink your teeth into right now? Facebook also used today’s showcase to announce a brand new Pistol Whip scene available free to all users right now.

Feature image Credit: nDreams

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