Peabody Awards Adds Immersive Media Category For VR & AR

The legendary awards ceremony adds new categories honoring the best in digital and interactive storytelling.

Established roughly 80 years ago by the National Association of Broadcasters, the Peabody Awards was originally created in order to celebrate the very best in radio broadcasting. Since then, the program has expanded to include additional categories such as news, entertainment, documentaries, children’s programming, education, and public service.

This week the prestigious organization expanded its awards categories even further to honor achievements in digital and interactive storytelling. Composed of ten newly appointed jurors—industry experts from across interactive, immersive, and new media—the Peabody Interactive Board will honor a wide range of digital formats. This includes AR, Gaming, Interactive Documentary, Interactive Journalism, Social Video, Transmedia Storytelling, and VR.

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“The foundation of the Peabody Awards is honoring stories that matter. Significant and incredibly creative storytelling is happening beyond legacy media before our eyes. New storytelling techniques and advancements in technology are surpassing the confines of traditional media,” said Jeffrey Jones, Executive Director of Peabody, in an official release.

“Creators are pioneering new methods to tell powerful stories and reach new audiences, and the achievements are extraordinary. With the introduction of digital and interactive media as its own distinctive category, we’re thrilled to be recognizing groundbreaking and important narratives in these digital spaces.”

The first of these awards will be given to “legacy media projects” that have directly influenced the digital and interactive genres, thereby setting foundational standards for future winners. This years’ winners will be announced at a later date along with additional details regarding award categories, eligibility, and a submission calendar.

Image Credit: Peabody

“We believe that impactful stories can come from anywhere, in new and evolving forms that push the limits of our understanding of how to tell stories. This expansion of the Peabody Awards recognizes the variety of storytelling media, and the storytellers who strive to move technology and their audiences into new spaces,” added Diana Williams, Chairwoman of the newly-established Peabody Interactive Board.

“Our newly minted board is excited to have the opportunity to award and celebrate these creative contributions to the storytelling form.”

For a full list of the categories and newly-appointed judges, visit here.

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