Pavlov VR Reconfirmed For Oculus Quest Amid Confusion

Developer claims there was a miscommunication with the Oculus team.

Last week, the VR industry saw a shakeup across social media following a chain of miscommunications between Oculus officials and several celebrated VR content developers. Oculus was most notably targeted with criticism in how it dealt with Guy Godin of Virtual Desktop, who felt he received minimal explanation for the company strong-arming him into removing a function from his app that previously allowed users to stream SteamVR content to their Oculus Quest consoles. Meanwhile, the previously teased official Quest port for the popular multiplayer shooter Pavlov VR was seemingly discarded by its developer, Dave Villz, via Twitter:

“Just wanna to give an update that Pavlov VR won’t be available in Oculus Quest Store for reasons out of my control. However it will be always available as a sideloaded app and in SideQuest.”

On Friday, Oculus’ VP Special Gaming Strategies, Jason Rubin, responded to Villz’ cancellation tweet in the middle of his own sizeable thread of subtweets. Rubin likely wrote the thread to shed light on Oculus’ stance regarding their new content curation policies. At least, this would explain the tone of the subtweet he’d directed at Villz:

“12/14 Oculus is a fan of Pavlov & it was approved for Quest. But there’ve been some delays & miscommunication on both ends since. Oculus wants Pavlov on Quest & will push it through the standard QA & VRC testing all apps go through before they ship if the dev desires.”

Naturally, Rubin’s outreach was challenged by critics of Oculus’ iron-gripped curation standards for Quest app developers.

However, it was met with a hearty apology and re-announcement of Pavlov VR on the official Oculus Quest store from none other than Villz himself.

“My apologies, there was some mutual miscommunication between Oculus and I and I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. Pavlov VR is coming to the Oculus Quest Store”

In a sort of odd, heartwarming, yet entirely out-of-the-blue moment on Twitter, Rubin then thanked Villz both for his understanding and cooperation, and the two (I’m assuming, cordially) parted and returned to tinkering on their projects. The crowd went wild shortly thereafter.

While there’s no official Oculus Quest store page yet, you can check out Pavlov VR for PCVR on Steam at the official store page here.

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