‘Pavlov VR’ One Of The First Games Confirmed For PlayStation VR 2

The popular team-based military shooter will be available for $24.99.

Davevillz of Vankrupt Games confirmed via Twitter yesterday that Pavlov VR will be heading to the PlayStation VR 2, making it one of the first games confirmed for the next-gen console VR headset.

The CEO stated that Pavlov: Shack will be available on Oculus Quest 2 and PlayStation VR 2 headsets for $24.99 and will feature cross-play functionality between the two platforms (sorry PC users). Unfortunately, support will not extend to the original PSVR headset. According to davevillz, “psvr1 doesn’t have the fidelity for Pavlov.”

Pavlov: Shack was originally scheduled to arrive on the Oculus App Lab this past February. Since then we’ve heard very few updates from the team other than a quick response to a fan inquiring about the App Lab release.

The ongoing Pavlov: Shack beta will remain free on all platforms until its official release. Oculus Quest/Quest 2 can download the game now via SideQuest. You will need to set up a developer account in order to sideload the game onto your standalone headset. Thankfully, it’s a relatively simple process that does not require any additional purchases. For more information on how to sideload content via SideQuest check out this video.

This February, Sony confirmed development of a “next-generation” VR headset for the PlayStation 5, one that features improved resolution, better tracking and input, and a larger field-of-view compared to the original PSVR.

This was followed by the reveal of a new “orb” VR controller that promises improved ergonomics, better weight distribution, and “key features found in the DualSense wireless controller.”

Feature Image Credit: Vankrupt, davevillz

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