‘Pavlov Shack’ Launches On App Lab, Enjoys Large Spike In Players

The popular military shooter draws in 3,000 new players after launching on Oculus’s experimental test channel.

Earlier this week, Pavlov VR developer davevillz revealed that the popular PvP military shooter will be heading to the recently-announced PlayStation VR 2, making it one of the first games confirmed for Sony’s next-generation VR headset.

Yesterday brought even more excitement with the launch of Pavlov Shack on App Lab. Previously only available via SideQuest, this Oculus Quest beta offers players a scaled-down version of the original PCVR release, complete with 4v4 competitive and social game modes, a variety of unique battlefields, and fine-tuned gunplay.

Unfortunately, sideloading games and apps from SideQuest requires a few additional steps on the player’s end, such as creating a developer account and sideloading content from a PC. With its arrival on App Lab, you can now download Pavlov Shack straight from your Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 headset, no additional setup or hardware required.

And while this may sound like a relatively minor update, davevillz has already reported a significant spike in players less than 24 hours after going live on App Lab.

While some questioned the overall purpose of Facebook’s App Lab channel during its initial launch this past February, Pavlov Shack’s recent spike in players is a testament to the importance of convenience when it comes to the Oculus Quest ecosystem. Despite being available for download on SideQuest since January 2020, it was only after the game was made readily available through the Oculus Store that the servers really began to pop.

In addition to the above-mentioned announcements, davevillz has also stated that the full version of the Oculus Quest release will cost $24.99. The game will feature cross-play between Quest and PSVR2 but not PCVR. Due to certain technological limitations, the game will not be available for the original PSVR.

You can download the Pavlov Shack beta 100% free-of-charge via the App Lab now.

Feature Image Credit: Vankrupt Games

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