Paranormal Evidence is Back with Halloween VR Mayhem

It’s only a haunted asylum. What could go wrong?

Tis the season for scares, and creepy videos are finding their way all across social channels, letting users get their fix for spooky fun. But if regular 2D experiences don’t give you enough of an opportunity to participate in your nightmares, look no further than VR. NextVR has just released the next, all-new episode of Paranormal Evidence, the scripted horror series that debuted earlier this summer.

“Rolling Hills Asylum” is a two-part chiller that makes its premiere tonight at the VR Haunted Carnival on October 26. The experience is available on the NextVR app via Google Daydream and Samsung GearVR.

In the episode, we follow linguistics expert Jack Kassewitz on a journey to upstate New York to follow up on research he and his team conducted about the infamous property. But their research has equipped them with unique artifacts that trigger the ensuing paranormal chaos.

NextVR is best known for live-streaming, and the company put its technical chops to use to innovate in the scripted narrative realm. The proprietary full-spectrum camera system allowed the team to capture moments in low-light areas, creating a crisp, immersive darkness that engulfs viewers in the nightmare asylum.

The terrors of Rolling Hills were deeply felt by the production crew. VR footage from multiple different angles of what seems to be an attack on a member of Jack Kassweitz’s investigative team.

“We were well aware of the reports and the rumors surrounding Rolling Hills Asylum, but we had no idea it could be dangerous,” Executive Producer Michael Watchulonis said in a statement. “One of our investigators hit the floor really hard as if she had fainted, but she insisted she was pushed by some unseen force. We didn’t realize how violent it was until we were able to see the VR footage in a headset.”

For a taste of what you might be in for, look no further than this fan reaction video:

To learn more, visit the official Paranormal Evidence website. NextVR also has a “How to Get Started” guide to help newcomers join in on the fun. To keep up with future episodes and location of Paranormal Evidence, follow Next VR on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

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