Paranormal Activity HTC Vive VR Demo Hits Select Theaters

Paranormal Activity VR Game HTC Vive

Paramount Pictures has partnered up with AMC Theatres and VR game development studio VRWERX to give movie fans a scare this weekend with a demo of the Paranormal Activity VR Game.

The VR game demo will be available to play for free October 22 -24 on the HTC Vive in select AMC movie theatres across the United States. The demo is part of a promotion to coincide with the release of the newest film in the franchise, “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.”


VRScout checked in on the Los Angeles AMC theatre that was demoing the game to see if we could get a good scare for ourselves. Sitting in the main lobby sat a giant black box with eerie curtains covering the entrance. It was clear from the outside that this pop-up booth was for the movie Paranormal Activity. What was not clear to some, was that they were waiting in line for the VR game demo and not the actual movie. They must have thought it was some new spooky type of entrance to their theatre seats, as they waited patently in line. Only to soon realize it was a VR demo once they were handed a waiver to sign.

Spectators could watch participants on a night vision live video feed displayed on the outside of the VR experience. Some weren’t fazed at all. However, there were a few that showed shear terror actually jumping and screaming in place (see below).


We won’t giveaway any spoilers, but the game demo utilized one controller of the HTC Vive to move forward or backward down some creepy hallways, and the other controller as a flashlight to illuminate your path.

According to VRWERX, the Paranormal Activity VR game is set to release in Spring 2016 on all major VR head mounted displays, including the HTC Vive, Playstation VR, and Oculus Rift.

If you haven’t demoed the HTC Vive VR headset yet and you are in one of the select major cities below, it might be worth checking out, even though you only get to try this single title Paranormal Activity game demo.

  • AMC Loews White Marsh 16 – Baltimore, MD
  • AMC Neshaminy 24 – Bensalem, PA
  • AMC Loews Boston Common 19 – Boston, MA
  • AMC Century City 15 – Century City, CA
  • AMC Bay Street 16 – Emeryville, CA
  • AMC Town Square 18 – Las Vegas, NV
  • AMC Loews Alderwood Mall 16 – Lynnwood, WA
  • AMC Tysons Corner 16 – McLean, VA
  • AMC Mesquite 30 with Dine-In Theatres – Mesquite, TX
  • AMC Empire 25 – New York, NY
  • AMC Orange 30 – Orange, CA
  • AMC Mission Valley 20 – San Diego, CA
  • AMC Metreon 16 – San Francisco, CA
  • AMC Mercado 20 – Santa Clara, CA
  • AMC Universal CityWalk 19 – Universal City, CA

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  • Could you confirm what times the demo was open at? Tom’s Hardware is the only one that has times and they claim it is only from 5-11pm

    • When we went on Thursday, that particular theatre was only from 5-midnight, keep in mind the opening screen started at 7pm. May be different today on the weekend.

  • Thanks for playing the demo. The Paranormal Activity VR game demo has nothing to do with the actual PA movie. the Game will be based on the Mythology of PA, but not a direct link to any one film. Our company presented this marketing opportunity to coincide with the Movie since the Fan base of PA would be present. Please note, the demo had all collision removed and a simplified game mechanic to have players move through the demo keeping playing time to a minimum. Otherwise everyone would spend 20 minutes opening doors and playing with all the objects in the house. For the actual game which releases in Spring 2016 we will have complete collision and allow for opening doors, drawers, picking up objects etc. it will be a full game.again, thanks for playing it, and appreciate your thoughts. thanks again. PAVR.

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