Critically-Acclaimed PSVR Exploration Game ‘Paper Beast’ Heading To PC VR

Originally released this past March on the PlayStation 4 to wide-spread acclaim, developer Pixel Reef today announced its dreamlike VR exploration experience Paper Beast will be heading to major PC VR headsets later this summer complete with improved visuals, additional creatures, and an expanded sandbox mode.

“I’m super excited that we can finally talk about the PC version of Paper Beast!”, said Eric Chahi, founder of Pixel Reef in an official release. “The initial reaction to the PlayStation 4 version by both the fans and the critics was beyond what we could have imagined, so we really can’t wait to make the game available for VR players on PC. Besides, we had a really fun time going back into development and adding a bunch of cool new surprises to this version of Paper Beast.”

Set within a colorful foreign ecosystem formed in the memory of a massive data server, Paper Beast has players exploring numerous jaw-dropping environments as they save exotic creatures born out of forgotten algorithms from various predators and natural disasters, solve a series of surreal obstacles and puzzles by manipulating the world around them, and navigate around catastrophic digital storms; and that’s just Adventure Mode.

There’s also a near-infinite sandbox playground where they harness the power of the Gods to generate rivers, manipulate the weather, carve terrain, interact with bizarre, origami-like creatures using the games robust physics engine, and unlock the mysteries of the universe.

Paper Beast’s PC VR release will include new improvements to locomotion in the form of continuous move support, as well as new an expanded sandbox mode, various gameplay tweaks, enhanced visuals, new animals, and additional plants and items.

Paper Beast is available for purchase now via the PlayStation Store for $29.99. The official PC VR release date is scheduled for this summer; specific date TBD.

You can also pick up the official soundtrack on Bandcamp and in double vinyl edition on G4F Records store.

Image Credit: Pixel Reef

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