Panasonic’s Ultra HD VR Eyeglasses Return To CES With New Improvements

Panasonic’s HDR eyeglasses are as gorgeous as they are mysterious.

Panasonic turned heads at last year’s CES with the reveal of its ultra high definition VR eyeglasses. Resembling something out of a William Gibson novel, this steampunk-esque device features a combination of Panasonic technology, including Technics audio drivers and LUMIX digital cameras, resulting in what company claims is the world’s first high-dynamic range capable ultra-high definition VR eyeglasses.

With CES 2021 currently in full swing, Panasonic this week returned with several new design updates to its mysterious VR eyeglasses as well as additional information regarding internal specs.

Image Credit: AVWatch

The most noticeable change compared to last years design are the improved arms. Whereas the original eyeglasses featured a slimmer, eyeglasses-like frame, Panasonic’s new design actually wraps around the users head, no doubt providing several improvements to comfort and weight distribution. This new design also appears to have done away with the detachable earbuds featured in the original 2020 promotional imagery. The company states that the eyeglasses will feature acoustic technologies powered by Technics audio products.

Dual built-in cameras can also be seen towards the front of the headset, most likely housing the aforementioned LUMIX optical technologies. The glasses themselves feature 2.6K micro-OLED panels for each eye, offering crystal clear visuals that do away with the dreaded “screen door effect” plaguing lower resolution hardware.

Image Credit: AVWatch

Inter-pupillary distance and diopter options allow users to maximize the visual quality of their experience. According to Panasonic, these HDR VR eyeglasses will connect to both PCs as well as 5G mobile devices, allowing users to access UHD content anytime, anywhere.

Even after today’s update, there’s still so much we still don’t know about Panasonic’s mysterious VR eyeglasses. We’ve yet to hear anything regarding compatible software, let alone a price or release date.

For additional information visit Panasonic’s official CES exhibitors page.

Image Credit: Panasonic

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