Our First Look At The New Ghostbusters VR Experience

Check out an official gameplay trailer for the upcoming co-op adventure game.

This past October we learned that a new VR game based on the hit Ghostbusters franchise will be arriving on VR headsets next year. Set in the City by the Bay, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord will have you teaming up with friends to battle the titular Ghost Lord and his terrifying army of ghosts and ghouls using an arsenal of powerful ghost-hunting weaponry.

During last night’s Game Awards, developer nDreams (Little Cities, Fracked, Phantom: Covert Ops) and publisher Sony Pictures Virtual Reality offered us our first look at the upcoming cooperative adventure game. Based on the footage provided it appears as though we can expect a chaotic multiplayer experience as we work to set up an official ghost hunting business in San Francisco.

“With today’s trailer, we’re giving the very first look at what awaits our future Ghostbuster recruits before they step into the boilersuit and take part in the most immersive Ghostbusting game to date,” said Jake Zim, Senior Vice President, Virtual Reality, Sony Pictures Entertainment in an official statement. “Only in VR can players truly feel what it’s like to cause chaos with the proton wand while working together with teammates to avoid pesky Mini-Pufts, blast frightful ghosts, and save the city.”

In the trailer, we see a team of amateur ghost hunters working together to hunt down and capture all manner of otherworldly creatures. The players can be seen using a PKE Meter to track evil specters before trapping them with their Proton Packs and finally storing them away for safe keeping via the Ghost Trap.

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord will be available on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, and PlayStation VR2 in 2023. No word yet on an official release date or price. In the meantime, we recommend checking out Ghost Blasters, a Ghostbusters-inspired mini-game available in Horizon Worlds, Meta’s social VR metaverse.

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Image Credit: Sony Pictures Virtual Reality

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