Our First Look At NERF’s Competitive VR Game

When you’re not parkouring across the map, you’ll be firing darts at your opponents using real NERF blasters.

During today’s Winter VR Showcase hosted by Upload, developer Secret Location shared a first look at gameplay from the upcoming multiplayer VR shooter, NERF Ultimate Championship. In this competitive PvP experience, two teams of four go head-to-head in fast-paced battles using an assortment of dart-based weaponry modeled after real NERF blasters.

The game was originally announced back in June of this year during Upload’s Summer VR Showcase. Today, we received our first look at official gameplay from the highly-anticipated VR shooter, and so far we’re liking what we see. Throughout the roughly one-minute teaser, you can catch a look at the futuristic arena in which you’ll be competing as well as the weapons and abilities you’ll use.

According to Secret Location, NERF Ultimate Championship will have you navigating the environment using a fluid movement system complete with various parkour elements, such as double jumping and wall running. When you’re not zipping across the map, you’ll be firing laser-fast darts at your opponents using a wide range of weaponry, all of which are based on real NERF guns from the company’s Ultra and Mega lines.

This includes everything from long-range rifles to rapid-fire pistols. Each weapon features immersive interactions such as manual reloading as well as realistic dart physics. More experienced players can also prime shots, rev their triggers, and dual-wield certain weapons. As teased in the past, you’ll have the ability to choose from a handful of stylish characters to set yourself apart on the battlefield.

Image Credit: Hasbro

“We’re super excited to finally give fans a brief glimpse of gameplay”, said Josh Manricks, Studio Director at Secret Location, in an official release. “One of our biggest goals was to amp up the high physicality and fun competition that characterizes NERF to this new medium, and we can’t wait for VR fans to experience the game’s intense action and spectacular arenas. We are also looking forward to opening up some opportunities for the community to get into the game and do some beta testing with the team early in the new year.”

“NERF battles are great in real life, but we thought to ourselves ‘what would take a NERF battle to that next level’. This brought us to empowering players to do things they can’t in real life, like wall running and double jumping. Players can flow through the levels like a world-class parkour athlete”, added Lead Game Designer Michael Sandercock.“ We want NERF Ultimate Championship to feel like an enhanced and larger-than-life NERF battle. All our blasters have a unique blasting pattern, with dart fall off and some variability to the dart flight.”

Image Credit: Hasbro

NERF Ultimate Championship will be available on Oculus (Meta) Quest 2 headsets in 2022. According to Secret Location, additional behind-the-scenes content will be available over the coming months. Those interested in participating in next years’ playtest can sign up for a spot via the games’ official Discord.

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