Original Legend Of Zelda Gets An Unofficial VR Remake

VR mods bring the NES classic to life in VR on Meta Quest 2 headsets.

*[UPDATE 1.12.23] – We’ve updated the article based on new information about the project’s creator. We apologize for the mistake.*

It’s no exaggeration to say that The Legend of Zelda redefined video games when it launched on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in February 1986. The classic action-adventure game featured a unique combination of combat, puzzle-solving, and exploration, offering a refreshing change of pace from the mountain of arcade-style games available at the time.

Now it appears as though the legendary video game is coming to VR with the help of mods. First reported by Nintendo Life, this unofficial VR remake is powered by a handful of different mods. The Legend of DOOM is an existing mod that recreates The Legend of Zelda in 3D using the original DOOM engine. The QuestZDoom launcher brings the game to life in VR on Meta Quest 2. According to Flat2VR, credit goes to the DrBeef team and DeTwelve.

In a video provided by Twitter user Sugary Noe, you can watch the user navigate the very first section of the game in VR. Along the way, they battle waves of enemies using a sword and shield. Based on the footage, the project appears to feature support for motion controls, free locomotion, and 6DoF (degrees of freedom).

Personally, I’d love the chance to revisit this iconic title in VR. Watching Octoroks appear suddenly from behind bushes looks oddly terrifying in first-person. I’d also be interested to see how the motion controls work; hurling projectiles at enemies with the flick of your sword sounds incredibly satisfying.

For more information on the project check out Sugary Noe’s Twitter. Those interested can download the QuestZDoom launcher to play classic FPS games like DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D in VR on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets.

Image Credit: Sugary Noe

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