One Of The Best VR Shooters On Quest Is About To Get Better

The Blaston Reloaded update will introduce a variety of exciting new content.

Resolution Games (Demeo, Acron: Attack of the Squirrels, Angry Birds VR) today announced several major updates coming soon to their VR dueler Blaston that will add new content to the game. This includes everything from a new seasonal game mode to graphic enhancements for higher-end VR headsets.

The developer released an official roadmap as part of the announcement outlining the games most recent updates as well as future content on the way to the multiplayer VR experience. Arriving on headsets this April, the Blaston Reloaded update will introduce a new seasonal game mode, customizable weapon attachments, and various graphical enhancements designed specifically for PC VR headsets.

Image Credit: Resolution Games

Resolution is also teasing a mysterious new weapon type developed in collaboration with another game studio, but that’s all we know so far.

In order to account for the new content, as well as future game updates, the Resolution Games will be raising the price of the game from $9.99 to $19.99 on Monday, January 17th. Moving forward, the developer will be offering additional support to the games’ growing competitive scene in the form of new tournaments and competitions.

“With our most recent update, we believe that we’ve hit a new benchmark of what Blaston really is. It’s a game that’s grown exponentially since its launch,” said Resolution Games’ Community Manager, Defur, adding, “Thanks to the feedback of our community and the creativity of the development team, new features have turned Blaston into something way more than it was on day one – and we’ve reached a point where we believe the price should reflect that.”

Since its launch on VR headsets back in 2020, Resolution Games has released several major updates for Blaston, expanding the game with new weapons and environments, a dedicated social hub, and a robust single-player campaign.

Blaston is available for $9.99 on Meta Quest and PC VR.For more information on everything the game has to offer visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Resolution Games

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