Official PlayStation VR Accessories Now Up For Pre-Order

An elegant crown needs an elegant throne.

Several PSVR accessories have officially become available for pre-order on several major online retailers. Heavy-hitters such as Amazon, Gamestop and Best Buy are providing PSVR owners with a handful of neat little devices to hold, charge and transport their precious, precious headsets.

Now while all of the following accessories are available for pre-order, their specific release dates may vary. That being said let’s check out the goodies:

Collective Minds Charge & Display Stand for PSVR


The Collective Minds display stand is your all-in-one package for charging every accessory you need to play VR on a PlayStation 4. The display delicately mounts your PSVR headset while holding/charging two dualshock controllers, two Sony Move controllers and any USB headset of your choosing. LED charging indicators and a premium-finish give the whole package a sleek, futuristic look that screams Tron. All that for a price of just $34.99 could make this the go-to display stand when it drops late October.

Purchase Links: Gamestop, Amazon

PowerA Charge & Display Stand for PSVR


If you’re looking for a less-hectic option for mounting your treasured PSVR headset, the PowerA display may be more up your alley. The minimalistic headset stand only charges two Sony Move controllers and a single dualshock controller. This for a price of $49.99 makes it a less cost-effective option than the more versatile Collective Minds display, but as I said earlier; sometimes a more aesthetically pleasing design may be worth the extra couple bucks.

Purchase Links: Gamestop, Best Buy, Amazon

PowerA Carrying Case for PSVR


The PowerA Carrying Case ($39.99) is the perfect option for those looking for that extra bit of security with their headset. The streamlined case is designed to hold just the PSVR headset, not including a small internal pouch for cables and possibly games. The production descriptions seem to market it as an ‘accident-prevention’ measure for people with children or dangerously unpredictable friends, which makes sense since it doesn’t include room for any of the other accessories necessary for play.

Purchase Links: Best Buy, Amazon, Gamestop

RDS Industries Deluxe Carrying Case for PSVR


Now for those looking to carry more than just their headsets around, you’ll be wanting to check out the RDS Industries Deluxe Carrying Case. The hard-shell traveling device includes a main compartment that holds one PSVR headset and it’s HDMI/USB cables as well as a secondary compartment that stores the breakout box and AC adaptor/cables. All this room will cost you though as this deluxe carrying case comes at a deluxe price of $59.99…

Purchase Links: Amazon, Gamestop

Well there you have it! There are of course a decent amount of unofficial accessories quickly becoming available, but the items listed above are the only officially licensed products up for pre-order currently.

These kinds of device add-ons are exactly what we were hoping for from Sony. While virtual reality has definitely gained the world’s attention, it has still yet to cement itself as a permanent fixture. Sony’s mainstream appeal is exactly what this market needs to grow. Selling accessories for their headset like its a console is precisely the direction VR seems to be heading in. With very little accessories available for the HTC Vive and virtually none for the Oculus Rift, it’s all Sony’s for the taking.

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