Oculus Website Apparently Crashes When Users Search for Free Content

A bizarre bug or something more sinister?

Apparently searching for “free” content on the official Oculus store is a faux pas. According to a post on Reddit by user Skitzum, searching the term “free” at results in the entire page crashing almost instantly. After the redditor posted a gif to demonstrate how the page crashed when “free” was entered, other users began chiming in to report similar instances on their own devices.


What’s especially interesting to note in the video is how the website crashes without the user actually hitting the search button. According to another user, even backspacing to the word ‘free’ will cause issues.


While it’s fun to speculate and imagine some Oculus conspiracy to encourage users to search for paid content, this was likely just a simple bug. And since every story needs a happy ending, things seem to be have worked out all right for Skitzum.


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