Oculus Unveils ‘Oculus Quest’ Standalone Headset At OC5

Standalone 6DoF VR arrives on the Oculus platform Spring 2019 for $399.

Oculus Connect 5 is officially underway in San Jose, California, and the company wasted not time this year as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage to unveil the next generation of Oculus VR technology, the Oculus Quest.

Available Spring of next year for $399, the Oculus Quest, previously referred to as the Oculus Santa Cruz, is a completely wireless, standalone VR headset capable of 6DoF movement.

4 ultrawide sensors built into the headset provide inside-out tracking, removing the need for any external sensors. The device features an ergonomic, adjustable fit, as well as immersive 360 audio, even without headphones for a rich audio experience.

A display resolution of 1600×1440 per eye provides high quality visuals, capable of supporting Rift-quality titles, such as Robo Recall, The Climb, and Moss. The Quest will launch with an additional 50+ titles, all featuring support for updated Touch controllers.

The company goes on to tease future mixed reality functionality using the headsets onboard sensors. Depth sensing technology is capable of producing a rough visualization of the external environment, allowing users to navigate the real-world while in-headset.

The company demoed a futuristic MR workspace environment in which the user was able to write notes, receive photos from social media, even physically walk into a VR conference room.

Following the launch of Oculus Go this past May, it appears as though Oculus is hoping the Quest will help them dominate all investment levels of modern VR technology.

With the Rift delivering high-end immersive experiences and the Go providing an affordable option for entry-level VR, the Quest’s standalone 6DoF functionality could be the start of a whole new wave of midrange VR experiences.

The Oculus Quest will launch its 64GB model Spring 2019 for $399.

Image Credit: Facebook Oculus


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