Oculus TV Now Available on Oculus Go

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Oculus TV has finally arrived on Oculus Go. Originally expected to launch last month, Oculus TV is exactly what the name suggests, a TV viewing app for VR.

But Oculus TV hopes to go beyond just a giant screen to enjoy television programming in VR. Instead, Oculus wants to make Oculus TV a new type of living room experience, one that acts as a hub for your favorite shows on the $200 standalone VR headset.

You can switch between live and on-demand content, in a way, channel surfing between shows like The Daily Show or Stephen Colbert. Tune into Facebook Watch originals like Ball in the Family and Red Table Talk or maybe stream live events and videos on Red Bull TV.

If you’re in the USA and have a subscription, you can flip on Pluto TV shows like WIPEOUT’s high-stakes thrills, Flicks of Fury, and Horror 24/7. And of course, for added convenience, Oculus TV lets you launch other dedicated VR entertainment apps, like Netflix, Hulu, SHOWTIME, and SHOWTIME ANYTIME.

At the center of the Oculus TV experience is a modern viewing area, giving you a private theater to watch what you want when you want. You’ll never have to share the remote for this virtual screen that’s equivalent to a 180-inch TV in real life.

There is one glaring omission from the launch of Oculus TV. Back when the viewing app was teased during the launch of the Oculus Go headset in May, Oculus TV was promoted as a social viewing app that let you watch programming with a friend in VR. It appears that feature is not available at launch, instead we’ll have to wait until later this year.

While Oculus TV is expected to expand its lineup of programing throughout the year, including broadcast partners like ESPN, we hope to hear more details about social TV viewing in Oculus TV soon. VR is just better with friends.

Last month, Oculus Venues launched on both Oculus Go and Gear VR. The social viewing app brings the stadium fan experience to VR, letting you pick your seat, chat with friends, and connect with thousands of other fans, all to watch concerts, sporting events, stand-up comedy, movies, and more in real time.

Available as a free download, you can find the Oculus TV app in the Oculus Store.

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