Oculus Touch Controllers May Hold Accidental Hidden Messages

Oculus co-founder confirms tens-of-thousands of devices may be affected.

In a series of tweets made by Nate Mitchel, the Oculus co-founder and head of VR product at Facebook revealed that tens-of-thousands of Oculus Quest, Rift, and Rift S controllers have released with “easter egg” messages hidden within their internal components.

Michel clarified on Twitter that the messages were originally added by members of the Oculus Touch development team to a number of prototype controllers meant for internal use. These messages have now somehow made it to over 10,000 units sent to both developers and consumers.

According to Michel, the consumer models may include the messages “This Space For Rent” & “The Masons Were Here,” while the developer versions may feature “Big Brother is Watching” and “Hi iFixit! We See You!”

Michel goes on to apologize for the mistake, stating “While I appreciate easter eggs, these were inappropriate and should have been removed. The integrity and functionality of the hardware were not compromised, and we’ve fixed our process so this won’t happen again.”

While not a particularly devasting series of statements per se, the phrase “Big Brother is Watching” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, especially when you consider Facebook’s track record regarding user privacy. Based on the images provided, it appears as though at least one of these messages will appear on ribbon cables within the devices.

So keep your eyes open, that pair of Touch controllers you pick up with your Oculus Quest could be special.

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