Oculus Studios Teases New Updates To Its AAA Line-Up At OC5

The company reveals new trailers, game modes, and maps for some of its most heavily anticipated titles.

As Facebook’s fifth annual Oculus Connect continues, so do the reveals. The company previewed an impressive amount of updates and additions to some of its most anticipated Studio titles, adding even further hype to the platforms growing catalogue.

With a confirmed launch window of 2019, Twisted Pixel’s over-the-top secret agent simulator, Defector, puts users in the shoes of a top-level secret agent tasked with completing a variety of dangerous missions spanning all across the globe. Along with an official launch window, the developers used their time in the spotlight to reveal a brand new level set in India, which, based off the trailer, should provide players with a healthy amount of outrageous gunfights, intense foot chases, and espionage-style drama.

Ready at Dawn’s team-based zero-g shooter, Echo Combat, also received its fair share of attention in the form of a never-before-seen map, Combustion, which includes an equally never-before-seen game mode, referred to as “Capture Point.” Similar to “King of the Hill,” this new mode pits two teams of three against one another as they battle for control of a center capture point. Once in control, a team is free to move about the map while generating points as members of the opposing team battle to regain control. 

Echo Combat will merge with the existing Echo Arena to form Echo VR, which exists alongside the cinematic single player adventure, Lone Echo, within the Echo universe. 

Players can try out this new mode themselves during a free open beta available today until September 29th. Echo Combat will officially launch November 15 for $9.99. 

Oculus also revealed a handful of updates revolving around their publishing titles, including a dedicated PvP mode for Phaser Locker’s upcoming 2018 VR RTS, Final Assault, as well as a heap of new content for Ubisoft’s Space Junkies. This includes a 2v2 King mode, two new maps dubbed “Canyon Chase” and “Dark Ice,” two new additional characters named “Templar” and “Cray-Cray,” a new medkit item, as well as a bonus team-up feature.

Oculus finally topped off the reveals with a confirmed launch date for Space Bullet’s giant robot simulator, Vox Machinae, on September 26th. As in today. As in you can pick it up right now…

Image Credit: Facebook Oculus

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