Oculus Slashes Rift and Touch Bundle Price to $399

This is the best deal we’ve seen yet.

Oculus is bringing us a season of special events, deals, and game launches with what they their Summer of Rift event. Not only are they celebrating the VR community with discounted content, but Oculus also wants to entice newcomers to VR.

So what better way to do that then a big fat discount.

Starting today for a limited time (the next six weeks), the Oculus Rift and Touch controller bundle is on sale for $399. That’s right, $200 off the original bundle price.

It was only in March that Oculus announced a slash to bundle prices from $798 to $598. This new sale doesn’t affect buying them individually (the Rift will still be $499, and Touch $99).

The Oculus Rift and Touch controller bundle has been reduced 50% in just over four months.

So what’s there to look forward to with your new Rift and Touch controllers this Summer? Multi-player is the name of the game. Fresh off its win as E3’s Best VR Game, Echo Arena hits the Oculus Store on July 20. Combined with the narrative depth of Lone Echo, Ready At Dawn’s double-header should keep you busy with some high-octane entertainment only possible in VR.

There is also the The Unspoken, which has extended free multiplayer now through July 12, so you can get your practice sessions in before the VR Challenger League kicks off.

The Summer of Rift sale was initially announced last month, heavily discounting content on the Oculus Store up to 60% off on 30+ titles.  Discounts on headset hardware were absent at the time.

But this month, it looks like Oculus is rightfully focused on encouraging newcomers into VR. $399 should do that.

So for all of you sitting on the fence, you now have 200 more reasons to finally take a leap into VR.

Update 7/14/17: Oculus has also announced another permanent price cut. The new hardware bundle, which includes the Rift headset and Touch controllers, will be $499 on a permanent basis once the sale pricing ends.

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