GDC 2019: Oculus Rift S Officially Confirmed, Arrives Spring 2019

Oculus’ latest PC VR headset features a higher resolution and five camera inside-out tracking.

After months of speculation, Oculus has officially unveiled the latest addition to their hardware lineup, Oculus Rift S.

Announced earlier this morning at GDC, the PC VR headset–codesigned by Lenovo–will feature a higher resolution than the Oculus Rift (1280×1440 per eye), as well as a higher pixel density and improved optics. More efficient weight distribution, better light blocking, and a single-cable system promise for a more comfortable overall experience; the headset will utilize the same updated Touch controllers being released with the Oculus Quest. 

The biggest change comes in the form inside-out tracking provided by Oculus Insight, which uses the headsets five onboard cameras alongside computer vision algorithms to capture and map a physical space in real-time–removing the need for external sensors. The Rift S also introduces Passthrough+, a stereo-correct passthrough feature that allows you to view your real-world environment without having to remove your Rift S headset. This is thanks to core Oculus runtime advancements, including asynchronous-spacewarp technology.

Similar to the recently announced HP Reverb, the Rift S does away with manual IPD adjustment in favor of a fixed lens system.

Improved light blocking promises more immersive experiences. / Image Credit: Oculus

Better weight distribution allows for longer, more comfortable sesions / Image Credit: Oculus

The Oculus Rift S will be available Spring 2019 for $399, just $50 more than the current price of the original Oculus Rift; an impressive price tag considering the amount of upgrades being delivered.

For those lucky enough to be attending the conference, Oculus will be demoing some of the hottest upcoming VR titles using Rift S headsets for the remainder of the event; this includes Asgard’s Wrath by Sanzaru Games & Oculus Studios, Insomniac’s Stormland, and Owlchemy Labs’ Vacation Simulator. Visit the North Hall Mezzanine Lobby of San Francisco’s Moscone Center to get your hands on Oculus’ latest hardware and these upcoming AAA titles. 

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