Oculus and Harmonix Announce Rock Band VR

It looks like our virtual reality dream for rocking on a stage in front of a packed house is finally coming true.

Tonight during the 2105 Game Awards, Harmonix and Oculus announced a virtual reality version of the music game Rock Band for Oculus Rift.

Although details about the release were limited, Rock Band VR is expected to be released with the launch of the consumer Oculus Rift in Q1 2016.

oculus-rock-band-vr-palmer-harmonix3 oculus-rock-band-vr-palmer-harmonix

Before Palmer Luckey took the stage to announce the latest partnership of the two companies for Rock Band VR, a video of Lucky rocking on stage and even wearing a sleeveless shirt got a few laughs from the audience.

Interestingly enough, in one scene of the video announcement, Palmer Lucky and co-founder of Harmonix Alex Rigopulos can be seen holding Rock Band guitars with an Oculus Touch like controller attached to the headstock of the guitar. Whether it is just for show or could actually provide a solution for accurate guitar tracking, we will just have to wait and see.


In game footage was quick, but here are a few screenshots from the video.

oculus-rock-band-vr-palmer-harmonix6 oculus-rock-band-vr-palmer-harmonix7 oculus-rock-band-vr-palmer-harmonix8 oculus-rock-band-vr-palmer-harmonix9 oculus-rock-band-vr-palmer-harmonix10

We will continue to update this story as we learn more details.

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