Oculus Introduces Public Homes & Facebook Livestreaming To The Rift

Better tidy up, you have visitors on the way.

Oculus today introduced its Public Homes beta on the Rift platform, allowing users the opportunity to open up their private virtual spaces to hordes of internet strangers. Not only that, but they’ll also be able to livestream the ensuing chaos directly to Facebook Live.

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Beginning now, users have the option to opt into the Public Test Channel and set their personalized Oculus Home to “public”, opening up their Homes to not only friends, but the entire Rift community.

“Oculus Home is already a fun social hub to enjoy with friends, but now it’s also a destination to meet and mingle with the broader community, giving you the chance to show off collected loot and interior design prowess, and perhaps make some new friends along the way,” states Oculus in an official release.

To help break the ice, users will start off with a recommended list of Homes to visit first. By heading to the “Places” tab, they’ll find a larger roster of Homes to explore. Oculus hopes to encourage community participation with its rotating lineup of recommended Homes in which unique “public” Homes have the opportunity of being featured.

Of course this new accessibility also comes with a variety of safety and privacy tools designed to keep owners in complete control of their digital domain. First and foremost, the host has sole control over the digital guestlist; including the ability to approve or decline any viewing requests, report inappropriate behavior, mute annoying visitors, and more.

Image Credit: Oculus


Hosting a massive rager in your freshly-redesigned Home? Why not broadcast the party across the world and let everyone in on the action?

This January update adds not only Public Homes, but seamless livestreaming to Facebook Live. Starting today, Rift users can head to their Dash Menu while in VR to find a “Livestream to Facebook” option. One simple click and their broadcasting their session directly whatever Facebook page is tied to the Oculus account.

Developers are free to opt out of the service, so not all applications will be supported. Hundreds of VR games and experiences are, however, already available for broadcast, including Dead & Buried, Echo VR, and VR Sport Challenge.

Public Homes and Facebook livestreaming are currently available to strictly Public Test Channel members with an official rollout planned later this month.

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