The Oculus Rift Has Finally Begun Shipping

The long wait is almost over. It’s finally happening.

It has been nearly 4 years since Oculus re-ignited virtual reality with their first Kickstarter and now the first Oculus Rift consumer headset will be arriving to customers starting this Monday the 28th.

For many of us, it feels like we’ve been talking about the Rift for a long time. It’s hard to believe that we are only now moving past Rift developer kits to accessible consumer headsets.

The crowd funded Oculus Rift Kickstarter campaign successfully raised $2.4 million back in 2013 and Oculus was subsequently acquired by Facebook in March 2014 for $2 Billion. We waited patiently all these years and stood by eagerly to pre-order the $599 Oculus Rift in January.

It has been a long time coming. Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe confirmed in a tweet that the first Rift units are out for delivery and will begin to arrive Monday. Founder Palmer Luckey also chimed in sharing that headsets shipping are going to both pre-orders and those who backed Oculus on Kickstarter all those years ago. (Remember someone will have to sign for the delivery, so make sure you’re home!)

E3 VR Virtual Reality Oculus Rift

Carly can’t wait and has been smiling all day.

If you missed out on the Oculus pre-orders like many did, you can still pre-order on their site, but don’t expect a delivery until July 2016. There is still no word yet on whether the Rift will make its way into retail stores anytime soon.

Last week at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Oculus revealed their launch lineup of 30 Rift games that you can purchase and have access to as soon as you finish smelling and unboxing your VR present.

Tweet us pictures on Monday when you get your delivery, we wan to see them!

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