Oculus Rift Demos Head to Best Buy Stores

Purchase a Rift and reserve a demo at your local Best Buy store this weekend.

If you haven’t yet experienced the Oculus Rift, you’ll be able to get a demo of the consumer headset at 48 Best Buy locations starting on May 7, with additional locations coming later this summer.

For many of us that are still waiting for pre-orders to ship from Oculus, it may come as a surprise that a small number of Rifts will be available for purchase at select Best Buy stories starting this weekend as well. In a company statement, Oculus says you will be able to order online from Microsoft and Amazon, starting May 6 at 9am PST, stating “quantities will be extremely limited while we catch up on Rift pre-orders.”

The in-store Best Buy demos will be showing off a variety of experiences, including the rock climbing thriller of The Climb, and in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to explore the alien world of Farlands.

For those of us still waiting for their Rifts to ship and scratching  screaming our heads off on how Oculus is selling a limited supply in-store and online this weekend, Oculus shared that customers have a chance to purchase the Rift from retail instead, while still keeping their pre-order benefits like EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack and priority status for Touch pre-orders. Starting May 6th, if you’re interested, simply go to your order status and let Oculus know you’ve purchased a Rift at retail, and they’ll cancel your pre-order. Your EVE: Valkyrie entitlement will appear in your order history.


Schedule a Rift Demo

In preparation of the demo weekend kick-off in-store, Oculus has launched a new page where you can schedule a Rift demo at Best Buy locations up to a month in advance.

You can search by zip code or city to find the closet Best Buy with a demo and check what times are available in-store.

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