Oculus Quest VR Covers Available Next Month

Keep your new headset fresh with a foam replacement and cotton cover.

The Oculus Quest standalone VR headset arrives on shelves this Tuesday and while many of us are still busy planning our first wave of purchases and clearing our play spaces of any clutter, the folks over at VR Cover want to remind everyone ahead of the launch the importance of hygiene, even when immersed in VR.

“Customers are playing longer in these increasingly immersive headsets,” says Matthias Hoffrichter, managing director of VR Cover, in an official release. “So our products must handle the heavy usage without compromising on hygiene and comfort.”

Oculus Quest VR Cover // Image Credit: VR Cover

Thanks to the tetherless capabilities of the Quest, as well as the ability to power the device via a portable battery pack, many users will be spending an exorbitant amount of time strapped inside their headsets; this means more sweat, more grime—more general nastiness in general. To help combat the inevitable filth, the VR accessory experts over at VR Cover have expanded their line-up of hygienic VR cover solutions to include the upcoming standalone headset.

Oculus Quest Foam & Interface Basic Set // Image Credit: VR Cover

Future Quest owners can choose from two sets–both of which vailable now over at the first, the “Oculus Quest Foam & Interface Basic Set.” This modular kit, also referred to as the base package, includes one “facial interface” and two wipeable PU leather replacement covers. The thinner “standard” cover puts the users face closer to the display, creating a wider field of vision. The beefier “comfort” cover instead offers better weight distribution as well as additional space for glasses.

100% cotton machine-washable covers // Image Credit: VR Cover

The second set is the “Oculus Quest VR Cover,” which includes two sweat-resistant machine-washable covers made from 100% cotton. Featuring a simple hook and strap system, VR Cover promises an easy-to-use solution for avoiding moisture build-up during intense sessions. While the Oculus Quest VR Covers aren’t necessarily an essential add-on to the Foam & Interface Basic Set, it definitely sounds like a worthwhile investment if you play a lot of physically-intensive games or plan on sharing your headset with others (leather and moisture do not mix).

“Whether it’s to experience a softer feel, a better FOV or a cleaner interface, we’re confident our customers will enjoy using these accessories,” adds Matthias. The Oculus Quest Foam & Interface Basic Set is available now at for $29.99; the Oculus Quest VR Cover kit is purchasable as well for $19.99.

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