Oculus Quest V32 Update Adds New Fitness & Social Features

Sharing your VR fitness journey has never been easier thanks to new improvements to Oculus Move and file sharing.

Facebook is today rolling out update v32 for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2, introducing a variety of improvements to the Oculus Move app, App Gifting, Messenger, and file-sharing system. Unlike Facebook’s previous v31 update which offered several updates to the party invite system and security, v32 aims to improve the fitness and social functionality of the Oculus Quest.

As was the case with previous updates, the following improvements we’ll begin rolling out over the course of the next month, so don’t freak out if you don’t see these changes just yet.

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Oculus Move Improvements

Introduced back in November of last year as part of the v23 update, Oculus Move is a system-level fitness tracker developed by Facebook for Quest headsets that allows you to track estimated calories burned and establish daily fitness goals.

Update v32 switches out Daily Goals for Weekly Goals, enabling you to more easily create VR workout plans by selecting which and how many days you’d like to workout per week. This is reflected by the new-and-improved Move Calendar. Facebook has also made several important changes to its fitness suggestions. The company will now begin recommending more attainable workout goals for new users. These goals will change based on your in-headset performance; as you progress, so too will the difficulty of your workouts.

This month’s update also makes sharing your fitness accomplishments easier by allowing you to upload your workout stats directly to Facebook, including Groups and Messenger.

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App Gifting

In addition to Oculus Move, last year’s v23 update also introduced App Gifting on the Oculus Quest, allowing you to purchase and gift Oculus games and apps to other users via a web browser or the official Oculus app on iOS and Android.

With the introduction of v32, you can now purchase and gift VR games and apps straight from your Oculus Quest; a small but somewhat useful update.

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Simplified Friends List

Finding your friends in VR is easier than ever thanks to several key improvements to the Oculus friends list. Both your Oculus and Facebook friends will now appear on the same list in the Peoples tab of the Messenger app.

Despite appearing on the same list, both of these friend groups will remain separate from one another; your Oculus friends, for instance, cannot access your Facebook profile.

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Sync VR Media

VR media captured on the Oculus Quest can now be synced with your mobile device, allowing you to more easily share VR content with others online. This month’s update expands the Files app by allowing you to upload video clips and images directly to the Oculus mobile app.

To locate your newly-created files, look for the “Synced Media” under the devices tab.  

For more information on the v32 update check out the official Oculus blog post.

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