Oculus Quest v29: Mixed Reality, iOS Notifications, And More

Facebook’s latest update introduces several long-awaited features designed to improve how we work and play on the Oculus Quest.

While many of us are still wrapping our heads around the many exciting updates introduced as part of the v28 update, Facebook today unveiled yet another batch of game-changing improvements on their way to Oculus Quest headsets, including live overlay capture, in-headset notifications, and much more.

Rolling out soon on the Quest platform, update v29 features plenty to look forward to, whether you’re a hardcore gamer looking for an easier way to share your in-headset experiences with others on the web, or a business professional searching for new methods to improve your work productivity in VR. Let’s talk about the most exciting announcements first.

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Live Overlay

Available soon on via the Oculus app, this unique casting feature lets you ditch the boring first-person gameplay in favor of immersive mixed reality by layering yourself over VR gameplay in real-time; no additional camera equipment or green screen required. Compared to standard mixed reality capture, the process described by Oculus sounds considerably more simple.

All you have to do is access the Live Overlay tool via the Oculus app and aim your smartphone’s camera at yourself to record or cast immersive mixed reality gameplay. You can place your smartphone on a flat surface and capture gameplay using the selfie camera or hand the device off to a friend to create dynamic, moving shots. Live Overlay currently supports iPhone models XS and up; no word yet on whether or not the feature will be available on Android devices.

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Oculus is also introducing the ability to capture your voice using the Quest’s built-in microphone, whether you’re recording/casting standard first-person gameplay or Live Overlay content.

iOS Notifications

Another long-awaited feature among Quest users, v29 will introduce support for in-headset smartphone notifications, beginning with the iOS platform. Those with an iPhone 7 or newer will soon have the ability to enable iOS notifications, including text messages and updates from select mobile apps, via the Oculus Quest app as part of the headsets growing Infinite Office platform. These notifications will be visible only to you, regardless of whether or not you have multi-user support enabled.

According to Facebook, Android support will be arriving in the near future.

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The New Files App

In addition to text and app notifications, v29 will also see the introduction of Files, a new app designed to assist you in accessing, organizing, and sharing various media files located on your headset, such as video captures and screenshots. Facebook also states that the app will make it easier to upload and distribute content to various websites straight from your headset via the Oculus Browser.

While this may not sound like the most thrilling update compared to today’s other announcements, the current method for sharing media files on the Oculus Quest can be somewhat of a headache at times, especially if you’re new to the Quest hardware. Hopefully, the Files app will make uploading and sharing content a more streamlined process for a new generation of VR content creators inspired by the Live Overlay feature.

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Passthrough Shortcut

Another potentially game-changing addition to the Infinite Office platform, the new passthrough environment is designed to give you a quick view of your surroundings while working in VR. By selecting the “Passthrough Home” icon located in your Quick Settings menu, you’ll have the ability to instantly switch between your VR office and real-world surroundings, whether it be to check some important paperwork or simply take a quick sip of your coffee.

Ads on the Oculus App

Facebook capped off today’s update with the reveal of dedicated ads for select VR content. The company will soon begin testing a new ad system designed to provide further exposure for sponsored games and apps by suggesting relevant content via the Oculus app. Naturally, the company realizes that privacy is a major concern for many users, which is why it’s offering several options for managing your ad experience.

For more information regarding ad management, visit here.

Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus

In addition to the above-mentioned features, Facebook will also be launching multi-user support for the original Oculus Quest, allowing multiple users to save their in-game settings and progress using a single headset.

For more information on today’s announcements, check out the official blog post.

Feature Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus

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