Oculus Quest Update Introduces Fitness Tracker, 90Hz Support, App Gifting, And More

Facebook drops a massive update for Quest & Quest 2 just in time for the holidays.

Facebook today announced several highly-anticipated updates for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 designed to improve the core Oculus Quest experience. This includes a system-level fitness tracker, native support for 90Hz gaming (Quest 2 only), improvements to Oculus Link, as well as new updates to the Oculus app just to name a few.

Let’s break down all of today’s big announcements:


First teased by Facebook back in September, Oculus Move offers users a dedicated fitness tracking solution compatible with all games and apps featured on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets. Launching next week, this nifty add-on tracks estimated calories burned and allows you to establish daily fitness goals.

There are plenty of existing experiences, both fitness related and otherwise, that will benefit greatly from this free fitness tracker, whether it be a cardio-intensive game like Thrill of the Fight or an exhausting VR rhythm experience such as Beat Saber.


While it’s true users have been able to switch their headsets to 90Hz for some time, this new update introduces a wide range of options for customizing your standalone experience. The Oculus Home, Guardian, and Passthrough have been set to 90Hz by default, and developers can now begin shipping their titles with support for native 90Hz.

In terms of existing games, classic titles such as SUPERHOT, Echo VR, Beat Saber, Vacation Simulator, Job Simulator, Racket: Nx, and Space Pirate Trainer will support 90Hz in the near future, with support for additional games on the way.


After roughly a year in beta, Oculus Link is finally being officially released, offering users a simple and convenient way to access a massive catalogue of PC VR content via their standalone headsets. Using the brand new user interface, you can now manage a variety of graphic settings, including the ability to toggle between 72Hz, 80Hz, and 90Hz; right from the Oculus app. You can even adjust App Render Resolution directly.

Moving forward, Facebook plans on introducing additional features, including the ability to cast your PC VR gameplay as well as a unified interface composed of both your Quest and Rift titles.


Just in time for the holidays, Oculus’ app gifting update lets you purchase apps and games via the mobile app or web browser and send them to friends using their Oculus email address.

And finally, we have several improvements to Oculus Quest casting, including the ability to live stream gameplay directly to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers via According to Facebook, the company will be introducing a second update later this month allowing users to record their gameplay directly from their iOS or Android device.

For more information on today’s update visit here.

Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus

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