Oculus Quest Update Makes It Easier To Party Up With Friends

The v31 software update introduces additional party features, improvements to Messenger, and new security options.

Another month, another exciting Oculus Quest update. Facebook today announced the rollout of yet another software update for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets. Whereas v30 focused on multitasking and accessibility, software update v31 features several key improvements to the Messenger app, party invite system, as well as security.

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Arriving gradually on Quest headsets over the next month, v31 will improve upon the existing party invite system, making it easier for friends to play together in VR. This includes the new “Invite to App” button which allows you to send quick invites to those on your friend list and recently-matched players directly from your universal menu. Here you can also view a full list of your current group, making it easier to jump in and out of a party.

The Invite to App feature is available to all Quest developers and currently supports Beat SaberBlastonDemeoEcho VR, ForeVR BowlHyper DashPokerStars VR, and Topgolf with Pro Putt

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This latest update also introduced the ability to plan future sessions directly from the Oculus app. In the Social tab of the app, you’ll soon be able to select a game from your library and generate a custom “Invite Link” which can be shared with friends on Messenger, social media, or by shouting it from a rooftop. You can even customize how long the link is active, opening up new possibilities for extended group sessions.


In addition to the party invite system, the Messenger app is also receiving some love in the form of Send and Read receipts. Similar to Messages on iOS and iPadOS, you’ll soon be able to confirm whether or not your communications were successfully received via small confirmations located next to your messages. V31 also introduces Reactions, allowing you to quickly react to messages by holding down the trigger and selecting a response from the reaction menu.

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Finally, we have the new Security Settings panel. Here you can quickly create, reset, or deactivate your unlock pattern and access your saved passwords, a new feature that allows you to store and autofill passwords on the Oculus Browser.

This has been a highly requested feature among Quest users, one that should make for a more seamless VR web browsing experience. Each password is stored behind your custom unlock pattern, ensuring maximum privacy, even when others are wearing your device.

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Like past Oculus Quest updates, v31 will begin rolling out on headsets over the course of the next month, so keep an eye out for these exciting new features.

For more information check out the official Oculus blog post here.

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