Oculus Quest Platform SideQuest Receives Complete Overhaul, Announces Developer Awards

New additions include private listings, wishlists, and SideQuest badges.

I think most of us can agree Facebook’s Oculus Quest headset would not be wear it is today without the support of SideQuest. This past year the popular indie marketplace has served as a breeding ground for innovative VR content, allowing developers to publish full games and experimental tech demos deemed too rough for the Oculus Store and gain valuable feedback from early access players.

Today’s update, SideQuest X, adds a boatload of new features to the rapidly growing marketplace, including brand new wishlist and review systems, SideQuest Badges, an improved UX, support for private listings, and over a dozen other additions and improvements.

Here’s a brief highlight of today’s upgrades according to SideQuest:

  • Wishlist System for keeping on top of your favourite apps.
  • Improved UX across the user dashboard and when browsing apps.
  • Complete overhaul of the messaging system.
  • Added discord-like markdown for messages, reviews and app descriptions.
  • Added app pre-approvals with scheduled publishing.
  • Added the ability to swipe left/right on the banner on mobile.
  • Overhauled the search and filter system, new sorting options & device filters.
  • Improved app urls with direct links & social meta tags.
  • Improved the review system.
  • Fixed a long standing bug in the password reset.
  • Improved discover-ability with home page categories and “See More” options.
  • Greatly improved user profile screens.
  • Added SideQuest Badges to user profiles.
  • Email notifications (can be disabled).
  • Early access system to be close to the cutting edge.
  • Private Listing system to get involved in early betas.
  • Tonnes of fixes and improvements.

In addition to today’s updates, SideQuest is also dishing out a series of awards honoring a handful of influential creators within the SideQuest community. This includes DrBeef, an independent developer responsible for porting FPS classics like Quake and Half-Life to VR, as well as RedBrumbler, a well-known modder and SideQuest Discord mod. Both of these developers will receive a cash prize of £200 as part of their SideQuest Awards.

The company also gives a special shout out to Guy Godin of Virtual Desktop, Dave of Pavlov, SumaLab of Crisis VRigade, Exo of Physics playground, Void Room of Tea For god, Myron of Deisim, and Cix & Team of

SideQuest is available for download free over at Those looking to sideload content will need to have their headsets set to “Developer Mode.” Full instructions can be found here.

Image Credit: SideQuest Ltd.

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