Polyarc Celebrates Release Of Oculus Quest With Free Story Expansion For Moss

More story, weapons, and puzzles head to the award-winning platformer May 21st.

Scheduled for release during the launch of the Oculus Quest, Polyarc is celebrating the new standalone edition of its fantasy-inspired VR platformer, Moss, with a free content update that introduces more story, weapons, puzzles, challenges, and player interactions to your and Quill’s adventure.

Image Credit: Polyarc

Originally released February of last year, Moss centers around a young mouse named Quill who travels across a fairytale forest in search of his uncle who’s been captured by the fire-breathing snake Sarffog. Available first on the Oculus Quest, the free update allows players to traverse a previously unexplored location, the Twilight Garden—a whimsical environment that opens up a brand new chapter of Moss.

Image Credit: Polyarc

With this new update, players can now stumble across various portals that will instantly teleport them to the colorful, dreamlike world. It is there they will meet a strange omnipotent being that will help guide them through a series of dangerous challenges; throughout which they’ll discover unique weapons, traverse massive environments, and face new, never-before-seen enemies.

“The Quest is a game changer for the VR industry, and something we’ve been eagerly anticipating as developers specializing in VR content,” said Josh Stiksma, principal designer, Polyarc. “Its wireless head and hand tracking technology allows full immersion in another world, simply by picking up and putting on a headset, regardless of where you are.”

Image Credit: Polyarc

“Now you can explore the whimsical fairytale from home or on the go as you travel, commute, and visit friends or family. In addition, to make this experience even more magical, we’ve updated the game. Players may now discover and explore new content hidden within the world of Moss.”

Moss is currently available on SteamVR, PlayStation, Oculus Rift, and Viveport for $29.99 USD. The free Twilight Garden update will be available May 21st on the Oculus Quest followed by all other platforms sometime in June.

Oculus has confirmed Moss will not support cross-buy between the Rift and Quest.

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