Oculus Quest Enterprise Edition Brings Standalone VR To Businesses

Enterprise-grade bundle available for $999 plus a $180 annual fee.

Yesterday, Facebook unveiled a slew of new details surrounding the next generation of its VR hardware line-up. We learned that both the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S will be shipping to customers May 21st and that Viveport Infinity would be offering owners of either the recently-announced Valve Index or Oculus Rift S two free months of the popular game subscription service.

The announcements didn’t end there, however. The company taking time during their F8 developer conference to reveal an official price tag for the enterprise-grade edition of the Oculus Quest.

Intended for use by businesses and corporations on a variety of training and education purposes, the Oculus Quest Enterprise Edition will spearhead the companies newly-revamped Oculus for Business program, which provides large-scale technical support to organizations by working alongside businesses to create custom immersive experiences designed to train employees in specific skills, more effectively collaborate from long distances, and assist in visualizing critical data in a more comfortable environment.

Oculus Quest opens up a new realm of untethered possibilities by introducing immersive 6DoF functionality without the need for intrusive cables or expensive, gaming-level PC’s.

Image Credit: Oculus

While visual fidelity will take a hit due to the limited capabilities of the Quest’s hardware, providing a more seamless way to instantly immerse an employee in an interactive simulation is a game-changer in terms of convenience.

“The biggest barrier to proper use of simulation within healthcare is not one of realism and fidelity, it’s one of access,” states Justin Barad, CEO and co-founder of Osso VR, a development company which provides immersive surgical training to over 15,000 organizations—such as UCLA and Vanderbilt, and Harvard Medical School. “It is an incredibly powerful technology that will affect us from Los Angeles to New York to Western Africa to South Africa to Southeast Asia.”

Image Credit: Oculus

The Oculus Quest Enterprise hardware bundle will be available for $999, not including an annual subscription fee of $189 after the first year of service. Oculus for Business is currently working alongside several major brand names, including Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, Farmers Insurance, and DHL, just to name a few.

As part of the Oculus for Business program, these partners receive an immense amount of technical support, from device setup and management tools, to enterprise-grade service and support.

Businesses interested in partnering can visit for more information.

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