Oculus Quest Introduces ‘Couch Mode’ In Latest Update

Mark your real sofa in VR using this new feature for the Oculus Guardian system.

It has been one hell of a month for Oculus Quest owners. Not only did Oculus introduce official multi-user support and app sharing to its standalone headset, but it now appears as though the company has added a new feature to the Oculus Guardian system that lets you keep track of your couch while in VR.

First reported by UploadVR, software update v26—which should be rolling out now on Quest/Quest 2 headsets—includes a new option located in the Experimental Features tab called “Bring Your Sofa into VR.” This allows you to mark a real sofa, while in Passthrough mode, by selecting one end of the couch with your Touch controller and dragging a second point to the opposite end, thus creating a blue box representing your furniture.

Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus

According to UploadVR, marked couches will appear as normal grey furniture while in Oculus Home and a solid blue box while in-game. If you go from standing to a seated position while mid-game, the headset will ask if you’d like to switch to “Couch mode.” Much like the customizable boundaries featured as part of the room-scale mode, couches can be automatically saved to the headset for later use.

Software update v26 should be rolling out now on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest headsets, so keep an eye on your Experimental Features tab.

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