Facebook Leaks Oculus Quest 2, Higher Resolution, Smaller Design Revealed

Facebook leaks it’s “highest resolution headset yet” ahead of this week’s Facebook Connect.

*UPDATE [9/14/20]: We’ve updated the article to remove a specific feature incorrectly listed.*

Last night Facebook “accidentally” leaked two introductory videos for its long-rumored Oculus Quest 2 headset via its Blueprint Developer website, all but confirming an official reveal this Wednesday during the companies annual developer conference, Facebook Connect (formerly Oculus Connect).

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According to the videos “Meet Quest 2” and “Inside the Upgrade,” the Quest 2 features a healthy amount of upgrades compared to the original standalone headset, including 6GB of RAM, 2K per eye resolution offering “nearly 4K” visuals, and 50% more pixels. Powered by a brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset, this new-and-improved headset features seven cameras, a smaller, lighter design, and significantly more processing power. According to the videos, these upgrades will allow for more detailed games while providing a smoother in-headset experience.

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“A blazing-fast Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 platform means that experiences are smoother and faster than ever,” states the host in “Inside the Upgrade.” “And six gigabytes of RAM means that developers can bring deeper, more immersive stories to life. To make sure you have enough space for the latest games, Quest 2 is available with an additional 256GB of built-in storage? All this with just the headset.; no annoying cables or sensors that hang on the walls.”

Credit: DimetappWUT

These new leaks also shine a light on several exciting ergonomic upgrades. Along with the new all-white design, Quest 2 features new-and-improved Touch controllers designed to provide more comfortable interactions. The headset itself also features a new “Soft Touch Strap” similar to that of the Oculus Go, making it even easier to hop in and out of VR.

Credit: DimetappWUT

This past August, Walmart accidentally posted a listing for a brand new Oculus headset with a price point of $299 to $399 depending on the size. If, however, the specs mentioned above are accurate, it’s more-than-likely we can expect a higher price tag, especially if this is being touted as a next-generation release.

Hopefully we’ll learn more this Wednesday during Facebook Connect.

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