Oculus Quest 128GB Headset Supposedly In The Works

A new listing indicates that Facebook could be replacing its 64GB device in favor of a base model with more storage.

This past December, we talked about the pros and cons of the 64GB and 256GB Oculus Quest headsets and which one to buy depending on your wants and needs as a user. Long story short, while the 256GB model offers plenty of breathing room for VR fanatics who prefer to have their extensive libraries of games and apps readily available, the 64GB model features more than enough storage for the average user.

Now, it appears as though we may have a third option on the horizon.

Image Credit: LDLC

According to a new report by French gaming site GamerGen, the publication recently spotted a listing for a 128GB model Oculus Quest headset on LDLC and Top Achat websites. Top Achat and LDLC are owned by the same company, which lead GamerGen to believe that the listing could have just been a mistake, especially since they were unable to locate any other references to a potential 128GB model Oculus Quest.

Apparently, however, Top Achat sent a tweet to the publication confirming that the listing was, in fact, accurate and that a 128GB is set to replace the original 64GB base model.

“So I checked, it’s not a mistake, nor a leak. It was put on line on July 6 at 0H01 following the end of the NDA.
The 64 GB model is now out of stock, the 128 GB model replaces it,” stated the company in the aforementioned tweet according to GamerGen.

Image Credit: Facebook

That being said, these listings have since been removed from both sites. The Top Achat Twitter account has also since gone silent. The fact that many online retailers are currently sold out of 64GB model Oculus Quest headsets only adds further fuel to the fire. Considering how well the Oculus Quest 2 sales have performed since its launch this past October, it makes sense that Facebook may be looking to extend the life of its incredibly popular standalone VR device.

GamerGen states that the 128GB model of Oculus Quest will be available for purchase beginning July 20th. Naturally, Facebook has yet to comment.

For more information check out GamerGen’s full report here.

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